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Medical errors, incidents during the treatment, prescribing and use of drugs has made health care institutions, their management and staff responsible, and a strong emphasis on getting the health care equivalent to the funds spent increased demands for cost analysis, effectiveness of treatment and care for the patient.

SUPERA QUALITY offers to health care institutions (health centers, clinics, nursing institutions, clinical laboratories, hospitals, specialized clinics, medical transport, primary care centers etc.) opportunity to improve their operations by improving the quality of care for the health and safety of patients, and the result is a benefit for the institution and its employees, and patient confidence in these institutions is increased.

SUPERA QUALITY offers the services for introduction of quality management system according to the ISO 9001 requirements and implementation of Recommendations for improving the quality system and processes in health care institutions, according to ISO 9004:2000 (IWA 1). Project for introduction or improvement of the quality management system in health care institutions starts with detailed snapshot (audit) in a medical institution, then plan of activities is created, also the assistance in preparing the necessary documentation is offered, as well as employees training and preparation for the supervision of the accreditation and certification bodies.