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Independent audit (evaluation, assessment, inspection) is a tool that will help you to objectively evaluate the current status of your company, laboratory or institution under applicable regulatory requirements and standards. 

SUPERA QUALITY Ltd offers the conducting of internal audits in your company, laboratory or institution as well as audits of your suppliers, contracted manufacturers, laboratories or partners. Audits are conducted in an open and positive way, in time and scope that fits your needs, and all this with the ensured objectivity, experience and confidentiality.

The Audit report will be delivered to you within 20 days of completion of the audit.

We offer the possibility of monitoring and support in solving of revelead non-conformities (deviations). We make regular periodic reports including the status of realisation and verification of the effectiveness of corrective and preventive measures which ensure that all audits are completed in appropriate way.

SUPERA QUALITY Ltd conducts:

  • Third party audits

We conduct audits of your suppliers and/or contracted manufacturers and/or laboratories in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements and standards.

  • Benchmarking audits

We help you to assess the system applied in your company in relation to others on the market and we give you practical recommendations to improve your system.

  • Mock Regulatory audits

Clients receive practical simulation of regulatory inspection and advices how to manage the regulatory inspections and how to present inspected areas.

  • Due Diligence audits 

We conduct a comprehensive and detailed assessment of compliance with the regulatory requirements and standards of the company or project of your interest.

We organize and conduct the education for internal auditors according to your needs and interests.