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At the present time in the business world it is not enough to learn on the basis of past experiences.

It is necessary constantly to expand and to improve the knowledge and skills of individuals and companies so they can successfully deal with the challenges of today's and future business.



Development of knowledge and skills through systematic, planned and continuous education enables individuals to acquire the key competencies needed to overcome the challenges of tomorrow. If organizations, as well as individuals in the organizations, want to be successful, they must grow.

Joining the EU brings new challenges. New questions and problems require different approaches to solve them. New knowledge and skills are required. Some of the competencies in the field of quality that will be necessary for individuals in the future are quality management and business excellence development, risk management, application of statistical methods, integrated systems management. The knowledge of responsible environment management as well as protection and security of information systems will be also required.


SUPERA QUALITY Ltd. develops, organizes and conducts education - internal (in-company) seminars and residential seminars

All our seminars are interactive and are combination of lectures and workshops where appropriate "case studies" are being resolved.

We have long-term cooperation with our customers, we continuously conduct internal education according one-year/two-year plans and where necessary we check the effectiveness of performed educations.

Upon completion of the education we issue the certificates/confirmations to seminar participants so they can confirm the familiarity with certain topics during regulatory inspections or audits performed by certification or accreditation bodies.

Selected seminars are evaluated and marked by Croatian Pharmaceutical Chamber and Croatian Medical Chamber.